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  • Experience an up-close and detailed view of the world’s largest Picture Frame.
  • Take a thrilling walk along the 93-meter-long glass bridge of the Sky Deck.
  • Be amazed by the incredible sight of old and new Dubai captured within a single frame at a height of approximately 150 meters.
  • Enjoy breathtaking 360-degree views of Dubai’s extraordinary attractions.
  • And for a glimpse into Dubai’s high-tech future, don’t miss the Future Gallery.


Discover the iconic Dubai Frame nestled in Zabeel Park, instantly recognizable for its award-winning design that resembles an enormous picture frame. Comprising of two towering vertical structures standing at an impressive height of 150 meters and a width of 93 meters, connected by a bridge spanning 100 square meters. Just as its name suggests, it offers awe-inspiring panoramic views of both the enchanting old and iconic new sights of the city, framed within a single structure.

Begin your Dubai Frame journey by exploring the ground floor or the horizontal section of the structure, where the Dubai Past Gallery resides. Delve into a captivating museum and gallery experience that utilizes cutting-edge technology, showcasing a range of exhibits including holographic images and multimedia displays. Witness the fascinating transformation of Dubai, from its humble origins as a fishing village to its remarkable evolution into a global city.

After immersing yourself in the Dubai Past Gallery, venture to the topmost floor or the upper horizontal rib of the Dubai Frame through a glass elevator, reaching your destination in just 75 seconds. Known as the Sky Deck, it offers breathtaking views of modern Dubai on one side and takes you on a journey back in time on the other side. Admire the contrast between the contemporary wonders and the charming structures that grace areas such as Karama, Bur Dubai, Deira, and Umm Hurair.

For those seeking adventure, step onto the transparent glass walkway that provides spine-tingling sensations and unparalleled views of the surrounding area. To add a touch of fun to your experience, engage with the large pyramid-like projectors scattered throughout the Frame. Simply draw or write on the screen beneath the projector, and your creations will be displayed for all to see. Additionally, there is a café available to enhance your visit with some refreshments.

Before concluding your Dubai Frame experience, make sure to stop by the Dubai Future Gallery. This visionary space offers a glimpse into the avant-garde future of Dubai, giving you an idea of what this futuristic Arabian city may look like in 50 years’ time.


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