Tours & Excursions

We offer you with the best tours and attractions in the UAE, primarily in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We give you an experso you can
experience the best while on a holiday with us. Walk into our hotel and enjoy a
refreshing, rejuvenating, day-off with us.

Tours & Excursions

We offer you with the best tours and attractions in the UAE, primarily in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Desert Safari

Ultimate desert thrill and excitement

Overnight Safari

Magical night in a Arabian desert

Morning Dune Bashing

High-octane morning adventure

Hatta Mountain Safari

Endless fun under the sun

Dhow Cruise Dinner

Nostalgic dinner cruise in Old Dubai

Dhow Cruise Marina

Cosmopolitan allure of New Dubai

Dubai City Tour

Old and New Dubai at your fingertips

Abu Dhabi Tour

Indulgence in the richest place on Earth

East Coast Tour

Diverse beauty of a desert paradise

City Sightseeing Tour

Day out in delightful Dubai

Musandam Dibba

Tour Activities: Cruising into the Musandam Sea Visiting caves and beach photography Snorkeling and Swimming Fishing with traditional equipment Speed boat riding Banana boat riding

Musandam Dibba

Nestled on the northern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, Musandam Khasab is a coastal haven boasting breathtaking fjords, crystal-clear waters, and ancient charm. Cruise through majestic cliffs, encounter playful dolphins, and explore historic landmarks like Khasab Castle. For thrill-seekers, plan your escape to Musandam Khasab today.

Helicopter Tour

Discover the emirates from the skies

Hot Air Balloon

Magical and breathtaking way to fly

Jet Ski

Speedy drive across the seas

Wild Wadi

Wet and wild escapade

Burj Khalifa

Soar to the world's greatest heights

Burj Al Arab

World's only 7-star wonder

Ferrari World

Fast and furious getaway

Dolphins & Seals Show

Lovable and delightful family entertainment

Yas Waterworld

Unbeatable water adventure

Other Perks & Facilities

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Travel Insurance

Traveling can be a fun experience, but it's important to have travel insurance to protect yourself from the unexpected. We ensure you receive quality medical care and cover the costs of hospitalization, treatment, and evacuation if necessary.


Our goal is to streamline the procedure by delivering the visa application directly to your place of business. Our goal is to simplify and expedite the process of acquiring travel permits so you can concentrate on what really important.


We offer services for a variety of events and occasions that you would like to be involved in, including airport transportation, corporate gatherings, city tours, and rentals.


We arrange accommodation in hotels all over the UAE, from luxury hotels to budget hotels and hotel apartments. Because of our reliability and strong reputation, our partners enjoy preferential rates and quotas at the region's leading hotels.

Foreign Exchange

We only compare live exchange rates from FCA authorized and regulated currency partners. This is an independent, curated network of trusted suppliers. Transfers are made securely and held in a separate customer account.

Food & Beverages

Dubai is rapidly developing and with it comes a world-class restaurant scene. The city is now home to restaurants by some of the world's most famous chefs, from Gordon's Ramsay to Nobu's Matsuhisa. Therefore, we know what we can offer our customers.

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