Dubai Aquarium And Underwater Zoo


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Experience one of the largest aquariums in the world located at the Dubai Mall. This strategic location is also home to KidZania, VR Park, and Dubai Ice Rink. Explore the aquarium’s two sections, including the underwater zoo. Marvel at the world’s largest suspended aquarium, which features a 10-million-liter water tank.

The aquarium is home to over 33,000 underwater creatures from close to 150 species. Take advantage of unique water activities such as Dive with Sharks, Cage Snorkeling, and Glass Bottom Ride. Walk through the 48-meter-long underwater tunnel, offering a 270-degree view of the aquarium. At the underwater zoo, you can encounter King Crocs, the world’s largest reptile, and various night creatures.




Dubai has proven that there are wonders in the world that surpass our wildest imagination. The Dubai Mall Aquarium, also known as the Dubai Aquarium, is one such wonder. It is not an ordinary aquarium, but rather the world’s largest suspended acrylic aquarium. It spans from the ground floor to the third level of the mall. Inside, you will find over 33,000 exotic marine species that will captivate your attention and leave you in awe.

This incredible aquarium is home to a 40-year-old giant crocodile weighing 750 kg, as well as pelagic fish, piranhas, penguins, lizards, snakes, sharks, and many other fascinating species. The Dubai Aquarium is a monumental 10-million-liter water tank that showcases the beauty, tranquility, and depths of the underwater world.

When you visit, you will have the opportunity to experience a 180-degree Aquarium tunnel, an underwater zoo, a behind-the-scenes tour, an underwater observatory, and more, depending on the package you choose. Additionally, don’t miss the Submersible Simulator, which takes you on a virtual adventure among dugongs, whale sharks, and other sea creatures. The Big Screen Theatre will show you how meticulously the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo team takes care of over 3,000 daily visitors. And, if you choose to take a ride on the Aquarium Glass Bottom Boat, you can watch thousands of animals swimming beneath your feet.

No matter which options you choose to see and enjoy, your trip to the Dubai Aquarium, tunnel, and underwater zoo will be filled with inspiration, fascination, and excitement in every aspect.


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