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This paragraph introduces the region’s largest shopping and entertainment attraction, providing easy access for visitors. The entertainment complex consists of around 30 pavilions, each representing a different country from around the world.

This presents a unique opportunity to experience various cultures and cuisines in a single day, including those from the UAE and other international destinations. Along with your ticket, you can enjoy cultural shows, concerts by renowned artists, and impressive acrobatic performances. Global Village is a popular destination for both adults and children, with attractions such as Carnaval, the Ferris Wheel, Circus, and the Stunt Show.



Get ready for an unforgettable experience at Global Village, the largest shopping, leisure, and entertainment destination in the region! This massive open-air attraction showcases the culture, cuisines, and must-see experiences from approximately 80 countries. With your Global Village tickets, prepare for unlimited fun, excitement, and adventure. From family-friendly rides to live shows and concerts, there is never a dull moment at this iconic Dubai landmark.

Immerse yourself in the culture, traditions, and spirit of 80 countries all in one place at Global Village. Explore giant stalls and pavilions representing more than 75 countries, each with its own unique cultural offerings. With over 3500 outlets and nearly 200 dining options, you can truly travel the world in a day, indulging in delicious food, purchasing souvenirs, and enjoying an unparalleled shopping experience.

Be entertained by incredible live shows and grand concerts throughout the duration of Global Village. With over 40,000 live performances, many featuring globally recognized artists, you will be captivated by energetic stage shows and enlightening presentations. The best part is, there is no extra charge to enjoy these performances.

No matter your preference, Global Village has something for everyone. Kids and families will love the Carnaval section, while those seeking thrills and adventure can watch stunt shows with daring acrobatic acts and heart-racing stunts. Additionally, the region’s first-ever Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum showcases bizarre and eccentric exhibits for your enjoyment.


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