Dubai Safari Park


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  • Come and visit the region’s first-ever safari park, where you can encounter animals from various unique species living in their natural habitat.
  • Explore the park’s four diverse sections that will transport you to the African savannah and Arabian steppes.
  • Engage in thrilling activities such as elephant rides, camel rides, and feeding giraffes. Experience the excitement of driving through the park aboard a powerful vehicle.
  • Appreciate the park’s commitment to energy efficiency, as it is powered by solar energy.
  • Take in the beauty of over 100 varieties of lush plants and enjoy additional amenities like misting machines, chilled pools, and air-conditioned rocks throughout the park.


Dubai Safari Park, located in Al Warqa, offers an authentic wildlife experience in a vast 119-acre facility. The park’s main objective is to provide a safe and undisturbed environment for its residents, including rescued animals, through conservation and rehabilitation efforts. Divided into four sections, namely the Asian Village, African Village, Open Safari Village, and Arab Village, the park is home to over 2500 residents and more than 250 rare species obtained from various zoos worldwide. Visitors can engage in activities like camel rides, falconry, and hunting dogs, as well as feed giraffes and ride elephants. The park’s drive-through safari experience allows visitors to get up close to freely roaming creatures such as Bengal tigers, wolves, and hippopotamuses. Other attractions include a crocodile drive-through exhibit, the UAE’s biggest lion and elephant drive-through exhibit, and a 1000-seater theater with intriguing shows. The park also offers leisure and dining options, an adventure zone, and a kids’ play area in its Wadi region, which is home to unique bird and animal species. Notably, the park is energy efficient, with solar power providing most of its facilities. It features a lush landscape with over 100 plant varieties and employs effective waste disposal and water renewable techniques. Special features like air-conditioned rocks, misting machines, and chilled pools protect the inhabitants from the summer heat. A visit to Dubai Safari Park promises a captivating blend of education, exploration, and thrilling experiences.


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