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  • The Middle East’s first Bio-dome is an indoor attraction located at City Walk that caters to all age groups, especially individuals seeking a peaceful, green oasis in the heart of the desert.
  • The facility spans over 60,000 square feet and successfully replicates the Amazon rainforest ecosystem.
  • At the center of the facility stands the largest man-made tree of its kind, which acts as a breeding ground for multiple exotic plants, animals, and birds. This tree is surrounded by four distinct layers of the ecosystem, ranging from the Flooded Rainforest, Forest Floor, Midstory, and Canopy.
  • Visitors can interact with pythons, witness the aquarium, closely observe sloths, and admire birds freely flying overhead.
  • Other thrilling experiences include the Australian Walkabouts, Bug Encounter, Bat Cave, and Sugar Glider Encounter.


Green Planet is an impressive oasis in the desert that replicates the unique ecosystem of the South American Amazon rainforest. Spanning an area of approximately 60,000 square feet, this biodome at City Walk is home to over 3000 distinct species of plants and animals. Developed by Meraas and operated by ZoOceanarium Group, its elegant cylindrical shape resembles a folded origami paper on the outside.

Every aspect of the biodome has been meticulously designed to emulate the rainforest, providing visitors with an authentic tropical forest experience. The main attraction is a massive Kapok-style tree, standing at a towering height of 25 meters and serving as a vital hub for various exotic species. This tree, covered in vines and figs, is the largest of its kind in the world and even features a captivating waterfall that fills the air with cool mist.

With the tree as the centerpiece, the biodome encompasses four levels: Flooded Rainforest, Forest Floor, Midstory, and Canopy. Each level offers surprises around every corner, including the Australian Walkabout, Bat Cave, Sloth Encounter, Sugar Glider Encounter, and Reptile Encounter. Visitors can conveniently explore these levels by taking the spiral walkway built around the tree or by using the elevator. For the adventurous, there’s also a rope suspension bridge that leads to a tree house, providing unparalleled views of the artificial tree.

A trip to Green Planet is a must-do when visiting Dubai, particularly for nature enthusiasts and families with children, as it offers a refreshing and immersive experience of lush greenery amidst the desert city’s heat.


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