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  • Prepare yourself for an extraordinary edutainment adventure at Dubai Glow Garden.
  • Witness breathtaking artworks and exhibits constructed from large quantities of biodegradable materials.
  • Embrace its unique concept of Art by Day and Glow by Night.
  • Explore the numerous astonishing sections, including Happy Forest and Happiness Street.
  • Take a leisurely walk through the brilliantly lit Tunnel Vision.
  • Be captivated by thrilling acrobatic performances.
  • Engage in enjoyable experiences with attractions such as the Talking Tree.


Dubai Glow Garden at Zabeel Park is an exceptional theme park, renowned as the largest of its kind. This magnificent attraction showcases fine art and offers a unique experience in each season. The Glow Park features remarkable displays made from biodegradable materials, highlighting the park’s commitment to environmental conservation. It is an ideal destination for family fun, entertainment, and education. The park’s exhibits illuminate with a focus on minimizing carbon footprints.

Prepare to be captivated by the “Art by Day and Glow by Night” concept, where talented artists have created thousands of stunning eco-friendly art installations. These creations, crafted by over 500 brilliant craftsmen from around the world, are spread across themed sections illuminated by energy-efficient LED lamps. The park showcases replicas of wildlife animals, marine creatures, flowers, trees, and birds in a breathtaking display. You can wander through glowing tunnels in the Glow Park and discover incredible attractions like the Talking Tree, Happy Forest, Happiness Street, and My Dubai.

In addition to these highlights, don’t miss the newest additions to the Glow Garden. Magic Park will leave you amazed with mind-bending 3D art installations and optical illusions. Art Park features exuberant displays made from over 500,000 recyclable materials. The Glow Park also offers live performances by international and regional artists, as well as mesmerizing shows like the Colorful World light and laser show and Magical Nights.

With your ticket, you’ll have access to the Glow Park, Magic Park, and Art Park. However, you can also upgrade your Dubai Glow Garden ticket to include entry to other main attractions, such as the Dinosaur Park and Ice Park. The Ice Park recreates an Arctic ambiance using over 5000 tons of ice, making it a truly unique experience.


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